Health, essence's strength, temperament, good character and beauty, as well as good hair quality, rough, hard, black and easy to care for, as described in the standard, are prerequisites for carefully choosing the matings.

We are a member of the FCI / VDH / PSK


Our puppies are born in the house and grow up there with spout to the garden.

They are lovingly cared for around the clock.

Our puppies are as well as possible coined and socialized, as well as early familiar with many situations and environmental influences.

It is natural for us that our puppies are vaccinated and chipped by a veterinarian in the 8 week.

After the final inspection, by a PSK Breeding Warden, the puppies are ready for their new dog life in the 9th week.

We feed our schnauzers and also our puppies, mainly with fresh meat, also with balanced complete food. In between, they get yogurt, cottage cheese mixed with fruit or vegetables.

We also have certain requirements, to the future owners, where the puppies grow up.

Family connection should be normal for the little rascals and their environment should match their Active Characters. Responsible behavior should be normal for new owners.

We would also like to get to know the future owners in advance